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What We Do

Web Development

We take the time to understand and implement your personal web development goals so you can be confident that your site is meeting your business' needs.

Hollon Consulting offers custom built websites that drive traffic, increase customer satisfaction and help close sales through the use of sleek, professional interfacing.

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Online Branding

A company's online presence can make or break a business. Hollon Consulting will help you establish or strengthen an online branding image by invoking trust and respect.

Experts in corporate branding, we specialize in strategies that use proven methods and modern techniques to create personalized online branding campaigns.

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Research & Development

Research and development is critical to all new and established enterprises. Hollon Consulting specializes in custom-prepared research and development packages that document the developmental stages required for success, complete with a personalized plan of action that can be implemented with ease.

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Software Solutions

Marketing is no longer two dimensional. From apps to interactive websites, customers are seeking out new ways to connect. Marketing trends show an increase in sales directly attributed to multimedia and smart phones.

Hollon Consulting specializes in software solutions that launch your company to a whole new virtual audience.

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Who We Are

Established in 2010, as a simple and efficient consulting firm, Hollon Consulting, has quickly developed in an esteemed go-to solution for companies across America. Under the expert guidance of Jerome Hollon, Hollon Consulting has become a life-force, generating new skills, experience, expertize and software solutions that are tailored to meeting your every expectation. Hollon Consulting prides themselves on a personable and personalized experience with results that speak for themselves. We listen to what you need and deliver.

As a dedicated duo, Hollon Consulting provides small to medium enterprises (SME) the power to reach a wider audience by utilizing modern technology. With attention to detail and no middle man, you can rest assured that you'll have direct communication with the expert working on your project to ensure efficiency and quality. We know that every company is unique, and we take the time to understand the intricate workings of your company and personal goals before customizing and suggesting software and design solutions tailored to your goals.

At Hollon Consulting, technology doesn't have to be difficult or confusing. It should empower, liberate and inspire. Hollon Consulting understands you may not have the staffing resources or the time to initiate your grand development ideas alone. We can support your company when transitioning to a new website or branding image and supply you with the tools to implement your new projects with ease. Through our combined passion of software, technology and design, we can help craft your new website content, interface, choice of apps and software solutions today.

Jerome HollonJerome Hollon is the founder of Hollon Consulting, establishing the business while he was still attending Eastern Kentucky University. Jerome Hollon is a skilled software engineer; he lives, breathes, and sleeps software development. When he's not writing software, he can often be found toying with the latest technologies in hardware and software or out in his garden enjoying the earth. While you're here, you should check out his blog where he talks about techincal marvels.

Jerome Hollon got his start in software development after playing video games as a child and deciding that he wanted to make one, too. In the beginning, he created a webpage dedicated to collecting pictures and paintings of western dragons on the now defunct geocities. He went on to create a homepage for his Neopet's store front and eventually created several mock-ups for his school to replace their website. Jerome Hollon has been creating webpages and writing software since junior high and plans to continue writing software and creating webpages for many years to come.

Daniel CooperDaniel Cooper is a graduate of Transylvania University, where he studied philosophy, biology, and other things completely unrelated to graphic design. Daniel joined the Hollon Consulting team in its infancy, providing graphic design services for both the firm and its early clients. Daniel Cooper is the resident graphic design genius and is responsible for the creation of elegant and stylish designs featured here and on our clients' webpages.

Daniel got his start in graphic design when in high school, and he quickly realized that the only way he could ever make art would be with a computer. He began marketing his talents when he had to justify buying an overpriced, fruit-labeled computer. Since then, he has completed several projects for both cyberspace and real-life applications, including, but not limited to, product packaging and apparel design.

Why We Do It

Hollon Consulting was founded on the belief that software should make life easier. Our combined passion for software and design allows us to provide premium services for those who don't have the time or the know-how to create an experienced and professional online company presence.

By utilizing our experience and expertize, you will receive a valuable end product that has been streamlined and tested extensively for usability and perfection. We enjoy taking the time to understand what you do and in turn, can better pinpoint your requirements and deliver high quality results.

Take this opportunity to talk with a real-time expert and gain invaluable advice.

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